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Notes and quotes from books I've read
I'm Heather, a 26-year-old Army wife from Florida, currently living in Alaska. I've been taking notes on books I read since middle school, and display them all pretty-like here at my website, ordinarydream.net. These are notes, quotes, and names (I don't collect names anymore, so if you see names I read the book more than five years ago). I'll post a few a day. I have over 150 done already and 96 more to type up and I keep reading (of course) so this community should never run out of new material. Enjoy and if you collect quotes from books, please join! If you just like to talk about any of these books, please join! Or email me personally, I love talking about books!

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to any of the books I quote, nor the text of the books, or the covers I include. Everything about the books belong to their respective authors and publishers. Part of the reason I created this community in the first place would be that someone would see quotes they like and then go out and get the book. So please, publishers, don't sue me! It's free advertising!